4551CAL - FIX2-Seat Box Hybrid Concept-AL with Foot Rest + Access.

Hybrid FISHING SEAT BOX Type 450 Concept Box (trays 450x290 mm)

FIX2-Seat Box 4551 Hybrid Concept-AL with foot rest + accessories

• Pole Grip Seat
• Concept Box design
• MSS anodised Quick Pick foot rest support (FCSA90) with legs Ø26mm/400mm
• 4 legs Ø26mm/500mm
• Multi-jointed Claw Big Foots
• Dynamic Rod Rest Support (FCSA09) + keepnet arm (FCSA12) + table (FCSA46)
• 2 fodder / tackle trays (in Concept Box)
• adjustable 3-point carrying strap with FIX2-shoulder patch


Product code: 4551CAL

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